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Realism Painting Explained

What is realism painting? Well, it’s what the term implies – paintings created in a manner that the subject matter looks like what you see in real life.

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines "Realism" as: “The theory or practice of fidelity in art and literature to nature or to real life and to accurate representation without idealization.”

Realism is the painting technique I most enjoy and am skilled at doing. In each painting, capturing the true essence of my subject is paramount. I focus on creating a palatable, highly emotional moment that grasps the viewer. Using techniques derived from a lifetime of painting combined with an innovative perspective and intense level of detail, has resulted in a unique style that people love and appreciate.

In my case, I paint athletes, musicians, and celebrities in all their glory. Whether they’re on the field, court, golf course, or belting out music, my goal is to paint the person in a manner that is realistic, but also fun – a piece you'd want to adorn your walls!

Along with original oil paintings, my pieces are typically available as limited-edition artist recreations that are hand-signed by the athlete or entertainer, as well as signed by myself. Authentication serial information is also included if applicable, as well as recreation number information on my recreation pieces.  For my recreation pieces to have that genuine, realistic look. I always take the time to retouch and retexture each piece, bringing the athlete or artist to life with brush strokes.

To achieve intense color and depth, I use the finest – Charvin Paints are the only paint brand I recommend and I use their paints exclusively on all of my original paintings.

Reach out to me at or 813-900-8312 and I’d be happy to answer any questions you have about my paintings and the realism painting technique used.