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How My Passion for Sports Art Came to Be

Growing up, I could always be found with a paintbrush or baseball glove in my hand. Playing baseball up to the collegiate level and developing my artistic techniques at the same time, I couldn’t have predicted my two passions perfectly colliding to create a fulfilling career.

I graduated from The University of Tampa in 2002 where I continued my improving my art skills. Soon after, I expanded my understanding of composition, balance, and spacing in the field of graphic design by establishing my own design firm. However, it did not provide the same level of gratification that I got from painting. I decided to sell that company a few years later to pursue my dream of becoming a professional artist.

In 2005, I founded Sports Art Illustrated, which is known today as Farano Fine Art. Like most entrepreneurs, I wanted to be successful, make a very good living, and, hopefully, one day become famous for my art.

I worked relentlessly to get where I am today. What motivated me the most was the fear of failure. Through very hard work and resilience, Farano Fine Art has become the elite luxury sports art brand that exists today. I’m continuously striving for greatness, setting goals for myself as an artist, brand, business, and individual.

A few career highlights:

My art has been licensed by the Baseball Hall of Fame since 2014 and I was named Official Artist of the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2017. Each year I’m commissioned to create a painting commemorating the entire Induction class. Other accomplishments include being commissioned by sports organizations to create unique pieces as retirement gifts for various athletes, as well as having my art adorn the walls of these athletes, entertainers, and well-known collectors. I don't say this to be boastful. I'm just REALLY proud of how far I’ve come and that I didn’t give up on my dream.

The fact my job is painting athletes and entertainers in all their glory is unreal and beyond rewarding. The many struggles of the early years keep me humble, help me appreciate my success and never allow me to take anything for granted.

Visit the Milestones page to see a snippet of my journey thus far. It's been ever-evolving, and I look forward to what the future holds.