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How to Verify the Authenticity of My Paintings

To ensure you own a legitimate Farano original painting or limited-edition recreation, I’ve created my own Farano Fine Art serial numbered hologram database. Authentication can be viewed and confirmed by entering the QR hologram number on the Authentication page of the website. Each Farano art piece is also accompanied by a Farano Fine Art Certificate of Authenticity.

Along with original oil paintings, my pieces are typically available as limited-edition artist recreations that are hand-signed by the athlete or entertainer, as well as signed by myself. A tamper-proof authenticated hologram from the signing authentication company is placed in the bottom corner of the art along with league (if applicable) and Farano Fine Art serial QR holograms.

For my artist recreation on canvas pieces, the number of the piece is next to my signature. So, for example, if the recreation is number 15 out of 25 total pieces, then I would put 15/25 on the recreation as well.

It’s also important to note that I want my recreation pieces to have that genuine, realistic look. I always take the time to retouch and retexture each piece, bringing the athlete or artist to life with brush strokes.

Reference the video in the “purchasing guide” section of my website for a recap of the information above on how to verify the authenticity of my paintings:

Reach out to me at and I’d be happy to answer any questions you have about my paintings and their authenticity.