CoNTRACTED annually to create baseball hof class induction painting

art chosen for the 2019 baseball hof induction program cover

FARANO’S ORIGINAL PAINTINGS have begun to ECLIPsE the six figure MARK

Commissioned to create retirement painting for derek jeter

Commissioned to create retirement painting for david ortiz

selected to decorate new york yankees player clubhouse

endorsed & Sponsored by Charvin oil Paints

appeared on mlb network, espn, fox, yes network, & NESN TV Broadcasts

Featured In numerious Magazines & publications

Partnered with numerous high profile charities including Taste of the NFL, Big Game Big Give & Ray of Hope

Artist Justyn Farano is grateful for all of the success, honors, and awards he has received over the years. The many challenges and struggles endured early in his career hardened him immensely. Despite these tough times and obstacles, Farano persevered. His continued hunger for even greater success is what has kept Justyn motivated, grounded, and humble. What Farano has established at this point in his career and at such an early age, most artists wish to accomplish in a lifetime.