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"Cool As Ice"

George Gervin

This Artist Justyn Farano original painting is of George Gervin with the San Antonio Spurs, known as the Iceman for his cool demeanor on the court and because because of his rare ability to play basketball without sweating. Gervin a 4-time NBA Scoring Champion, 9-time NBA All-Star. Gervin's trademark move was the finger roll, a shot in which one rolls the basketball along his or her fingertips. Creating this art required Farano to jump through similar hoops.

Original Oil Painting
Hand Signed By:
George Gervin
Sports Art Illustrated
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Athlete & Celebrity

The philosophy behind my art has always been to make the most compelling, engaging experience for you, the viewer. I try to envision what it was like to compete against that athlete on the field. I want you to feel that grit and rawness of emotion, the athlete’s competitive fire, and passion.

As a perfectionist, my obsession of getting these details precise, takes razor focus, constant critiquing, and fine tuning. It’s not till the painting is complete to my highest of standard, till I am genuinely satisfied.

- Artist Justyn Farano